It's everything you love about the Lashed but upgraded for park staff. The Diggers edition features key rubberized overlays for durability and wear. Upgraded with a cushy Energy Foam midsole and lightweight Michelin outsole for all day comfort. Customize the fit with the Adaptive Arch support and your feet will never want to come out of this boot.

Fit = Team
Flex = Medium
Footbed = Team
Lacing = Traditional
Outsole = Michelin Fiberlite Outsole

Tecnichal Features:
1:1 Lasting
Michelin Fiberlite Outsole
STI Energy Foam
3D Molded Tongue
Team Internal Harness
Articulated Cuff
Independent Eyestay
Performance Backstay

1:1 Lasting // True half sizes Michelin Fiberlite Outsole // Lightweight traction STI Energy Foam // High rebound cushioning Cushion Cup // Superior heel hold Overmold // Fused overlay 3D Molded Tongue // Even flex Elite Internal Harness // Reinforced harness built taller for ultimate support and heel hold Tongue Tension+ // Ultimate heel lock down Tailored Lacing // Hybrid instep lock down Articulated Cuff // Eliminates shell distortion Molded Toe Cap // Rugged toe reinforcement Performance Backstay // Enhanced spine support Storm Shield // All weather seal Recoil Flex Control // Customizable boot flex inserts
Comfort Fit // Comfort

Constructed with dual density intuition foam allowing for moderate support and a soft flex, lined with micro fleece for superior warmth and comfort, 100% heat moldable for a customized fit

Team Fit // Team

Constructed with dual density intuition foam formulated for medium support, flex, and enhanced comfort, customize fit with heel hold kit and heat molding

Performance Fit // Performance

Constructed with dual density intuition foam maximizing support and stiffness while providing enhanced comfort, strategically designed overlays for additional forefoot and spine support, customize fit with heel hold kit and heat molding

Elite Fit // Elite

Injection molded with high rebound energy foam providing excellent support, medium flex and will not break down like traditional liners, lined with intuition foam making this liner 100% heat moldable, customize fit with heel hold kit

Technical Mountain // Series features YKK Aquaguard water repellent zippers for unequated seal from the harshes mountain conditions Reactor Mesh Lining // Comprised of temperature reactive fibers that contract when cold keeping heat in and expand when warm releasing perspiration Fleece Zonal Warming // Panels in key areas keeps your warm and unrestricted on and off the mountain Snap Lock Jacket to Pant // Lock out snow and keep you dry Helmet Compatible Hood // Creates a seamless hood fit with or without a helmet Mesh Lined Zippered Vents // Allows you to quickly dump excess heat while riding or hiking Phone Leash // Allows you to safely user your phone without the worry of dropping it in the snow Fully Taped Seams // Full taping on all seams guarantees a complete seal from snow and water penetration Diamond Vent // Dual zip continuous crotch vent, meshed lined for breathability and diamond gusseted for added mobility Triple Stitch // Workwear proven craftsmanship with triple stitched seams at high stress points for maximum durability Reinforced Hem and Kick Panel // For increased abrasion resistance against binding contact
Standard // Standard

Size Large: Chest = 48 1/2", Body Length = 34"- 35"

Team // Team

Size Large: Chest = 46 1/2", Body Length = 35+"

Standard/Parka // Standard/Parka

Size Large: Chest = 48-1/2”, Body Length = 36”

Mid/Parka // Mid/Parka

Size Large: Chest = 46-1/2”, Body Length = 36”

Mid // Mid

Size Large: Chest = 46-1/2”, Body Length = 34”- 35”

Freedom Fit // Freedom Fit

Size Large: Waist = 39", Knee 20", Leg Opening = 21"

Team Fit // Team Fit

Size Large: Waist = 39", Knee 19 1/2", Leg Opening = 20 1/2"

Standard Fit // Standard Fit

Size Large: Waist = 39", Waist Bib = 43" 1/2", Knee 21", Leg Opening = 22"

Standard Articulated // Standard Articulated

Size Large: Waist = 37-1/2”, Knee Opening = 21”, Leg Opening = 22”

Mid Articulated // Mid Articulated

Size Large: Waist = 37-1/2”, Knee Opening = 19-1/2”, Leg Opening = 20-1/2”

Slim Straight // Slim Straight

Size Large: Waist = 37-1/2”, Knee Opening = 19”, Leg Opening = 19"

Mid Straight // Mid Straight

Size Large: Waist = 37-1/2, Knee Opening = 20-1/2, Leg Opening = 20-1/2””

Relaxed Straight // Relaxed Straight

Size Large: Waist = 37-1/2”, Knee Opening = 22”, Leg Opening = 22”

Standard Taper // Standard Taper

Size Large: Waist = 37-1/2”, Knee Opening = 20”, Leg Opening = 20-1/2”

Soft // flex_soft Medium // flex_medium Stiff // flex_stiff
// Comfort Molded footbed footbed_comfort // Team Molded footbed with heel cradle and arch support footbed_team // Performance Molded Evolution Foam with heel cradle, arch support and heel cushioning footbed_performance // Elite Molded Energy Foam with heel cradle and customziable adaptive arch support footbed_elite

Customer Reviews

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Seth Stick
I have always rode i...

I have always rode in 32 boots (minus one season in Burton Ramparts). This season (2020-2021), my beloved Exits finally gave out, and I had to resort to buying a pair of Lashed Crab Grab's that were a size too big for me offered at a cheap price from a friend (don't worry, I'm still getting to the Lashed Diggers). After a month in the Lashed that were too big, my heel was in pain, and it was time to get a true pair of boots that fit me. I went to my local shop (Gravitee) where I was put into the Lashed Diggers in my true size. I was reluctant, being used to a softer boot and more broken-into boot. That was until I had the boots heat molded and fitted. I thought the break in period was going to take around a week or two of riding like most boots. By the end of my second day of riding in them, I did not want to get out of them. If I was working, I wanted to be back in them. 32 really upped their game up. Within a week, my boots feels like I'm stepping into pillows. The flex is just perfect for me, I have found a liking to the medium flex, best of both worlds. Writing this in week two, I hope to see how durable they really are for the rest of the 2020-2021 season and I hope they hold up for the next one! I've had some negative experience with past 32 boots where the laces or liner would break/snap on me. We'll see how they hold up. I highly recommend making sure you have the RIGHT size, getting them heat molded, and being patient enough to break then in. Because when they do break in, your feet will be thanking you. Can't wait to ride in them tomorrow!

King of the Mountain
well, my old pair of…

well, my old pair of boots finally had their last day on hill and needed to be replaced. Then came the worry of what to get and the game of which boot will fit my foot perfectly. Not giving me random boot pain, annoying pressure points, and take forever to break-in. I went to stores and tried on tons of boots with no success, causing my level of stoke to dwindle to despair. Then I took a HUGE gamble buying boots online and boy was I pleasantly surprised! Dam, these boots fit SOOOO GUUUD. Thirtytwo Lashed Digger, My god, I was saved!! These boots are legendary. Just what I needed for how I ride. If you need something that can do all-mountain freestyle, park, or hiking some backyard hits, these boots are for you! After breaking in these things I couldn't have been happier with the feel, performance, comfort, and style (if that matters to ya). The craziest thing is the sole of the boot with the Michelin rubber. Not slippin anywhere on hill or the ice walk back to my car. The Flex is a happy medium and if you like soft boots, just take the time to break these bad boys in and you got something that'll last a whole season and more. I shread all year and can say I found the golden standard for snowboarding boots for park riders. I promise you, that you won't be disappointed!