DOB? 6/12/1987
Nicknames? Grendys, Gren-diesel and Grampier
Home mountain? Ski Ward/Wachusett when I was back east. Currently Brighton in Utah is my home base.
Stance - Goofy or Regular? Regs
Years Snowboarding? Since the Great Depression.... 78 years or so. Honestly though, I think somewhere around 24 years.
Favorite trick? Backlip on a downbar, or back 180 on a jump. Stiffy mute is also up there for me.
Sponsors? Thirtytwo, Etnies, Salomon, New era, Dang shades, Stance, Crab Grab, Eastern Boarder.
Favorite trip you went on last year? My favorite trip was at my cabin with Stevens, Burtner and crew. Granger was crushing it cooking the whole time.
How many video parts? I think I've filmed 12 or 13 parts. Something in that ballpark. My favorite part personally is my part from Transworld's "Get Real". I was young, it was my first opportunity to be in a bigger video, and i just poured my heart and soul into that one. It was an exciting time, cruising around with Jed and Carlino most of the winter.
Favorite rider and why? Mikey LeBlanc was my favorite because his vibe, he absolutely ripped, and he is also a hilarious human. Justin Bennee, JP Walker, Lane Lnaack, Gigi, Shane Flood, and Todd Richards are some other heavy notable inspirations for me as well.
Favorite video part and why? Mikey LeBlanc in Brainstorm. Its just raw as hell.

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